Product Manager – Korber Supply Chain

“Craig differs from most recruiters as he focusses on the candidate, not the role he is recruiting for. Craig got me an interview at very short notice and met me before in person to ensure I was briefed and ready for it. While I went elsewhere, Craig stayed in touch afterwards and as soon as … Read more

CPO – Wonderbill

“Having known Craig for some time, he is one of the few recruiters who has his clients best interest at heart (candidate as well as the company he is recruiting for). Craig is looking at the relationship on the long term which I found refreshing. Craig is well networked and don’t hesitate to make useful … Read more

Scrum Master – Covea Insurance

“Craig approached me about a very interesting role which he thought I would be well suited to. Craig made sure he managed my expectations and kept me informed about how the job role was progressing. His style of recruitment is different and more personable than other recruiters I have spoken with before. Craig met me … Read more

Software Developer – Cognigy

“Paul was such a great help in my career change. The timing, the effort put in were both perfect and in weeks I got my first job as a Junior Software Developer in a well established and fast-growing company with hardly any experience. He is professional and trustworthy, diligent and very attentive. I was lucky … Read more

Senior Software Developer – Best Secret

“Working with Paul was an absolute pleasure. He really took the time to understand what I was looking for in my next position and was with me every step of the way throughout the recruitment process, offering advice without any pressure. If you’re actively looking for your next position, or just trying to get a … Read more

Software Developer

“Marino is one of the best recruiters I have met. He guided me throw all the recruitment process in a very polite, respectful, and helpful way. I found one of the best jobs with good conditions thanks to his skills and recommendations. If I look for a job again for some reason, he will be … Read more

Cloud/Solutions Architect

“This was probably one of the best recruiting processes in my life. Marinos have contacted me regarding few opportunities, organized the whole process and was very responsible and helpful. As an outcome I have a shiny new job in product company with a chance to touch totally new technologies and business domains. Would highly recommend … Read more

Software Engineer – Blockchain

“From the beginning Marinos was very professional, dedicated and compassionate. He offered great support in the process and i always felt well prepared for every the interview. His open and knowledgeable personality helped me learn things about myself and sharpen my objectives of where i want to go. Thank you, It was a pleasure working … Read more

Lead Ui Engineer – Acin

“Chloe has been fantastic in finding me my latest React Frontend Developer role. She is in constant communication with me and providing all the necessary information to help make my job a little bit easier. I would recommend her and her agency for any serious Frontend UI developer.”

Lead Software Engineer – Wonderbill

“Chloe has been a great ally throughout my application process and beyond, staying in contact to provide full visibility on what’s happening. Thanks to Chloe I’m going to be starting in a great role at an exciting company!”