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The entire company will be running or walking at least 60km each over the month. That’s 60km for the 60 men we lose to suicide, each hour, every hour across
Albert Bow Recruitment Agency Group Photo on Staircase
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What is it you love about Albert Bow?

We asked our consultants what it is they love about Albert Bow.
Python Developer jobs London
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Meet the Founders – Interview Tips

We asked our founders - Craig and Harry what 3 tips would they give to a candidate interviewing.
Python Developer jobs London
Meet the Founders

Meet the Founders – Mr and Mrs edition

We played our version of Mr and Mrs with our Founders Craig Trenier and Harry Davies.
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Is this the end of offices?

With the rapid spread of coronavirus many companies have implemented a working from home (wfh) strategy in order to help prevent the virus spreading amongst their staff
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Fall in love with your job (again)

Being a recruiter, we always are looking for someone to start a new position – preferably the one we are pitching to them at that time. But sometimes it can
Women in Tech Jobs
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Women in Tech – Power of Community

It was a fantastic experience where females from different backgrounds could come together to discuss how they can become more involved in the tech community.
Albert Bow Tech Recruitment Agency celebrates their birthday
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Albert Bow is 2!

It is our 2nd Birthday here at Albert Bow! We are delighted to say we have tripled in size since day one and are continuing to grow.
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New Decade, New Job

Contact your recruiter early. If you are looking for a new role at the beginning of 2020 contact your recruiter early.
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