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Albert Bow is a recruitment agency operating worldwide. Recruiting across many different markets including Crypto/Blockchain, FinTech, EnergyTech and MedTech. Helping leading organisations build and nurture high performing teams.

Office : London

Office : London

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We have a number of different hiring solutions to suit all your hiring needs. If you have a vacancy that needs to be filled or just want to catch up on the latest market insight we’d love to chat with you. 

David who works for our technology recruitment firm
Sinead, our marketing specialist

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At Albert Bow we are committed to changing the way recruitment is typically carried out. We want our people to feel valued, stay motivated and most importantly enjoy coming to work. We are excited about the journey ahead of us and we would love you to be part of it.


What Client’s Say About Us


"David helped us at Lick’d to recruit 2x fantastic developers. We have used a technology recruitment firm previously at the time but David consistently came up with great technical candidates who hit the mark every time on the technical skills required. Rather than bombard us with lots of useless CVs to sift through we were given a choice of a few outstanding candidates to pick from helping us fill the role quicker. David has proven himself to us and we'll be using him as our first port of call whenever we need to hire talent."


Head of Engineering

"I met David through Bud Ltd as being one of our external recruiter, one of the best I had the chance to work with so far in my career. David brought us many of the best candidates, which now work with us, here at Bud. He rapidly understood our needs in terms of the skill sets we were after. In the past year, David managed to get us almost half of our product team to this day. If you're looking for someone efficient, professional, reliable and who gets things done please contact him as he will be you're best chance to achieve whatever goals you've set for your company for the upcoming future."


Tech Lead

"David is an exceptional recruiter. He understands the needs of developers very well and all the jobs he proposed to me were relevant. He makes sure that his candidates are well prepared. He kept me updated at every stage of my interview process and I had constant feedback from him. It was a pleasure to work with David and I'm looking forward to our next cooperation."


Squad Lead

"Harry is an excellent recruiter. An example of what every professional would expect: no nonsense approach, very good follow-up and on top of that a pleasant person to work with. I can absolutely recommend Harry and wouldn't hesitate to secure a future assignment via him again."

Volkswagen Group

IT Consultant

"We teamed up with Craig at the end of 2018 to meet a relatively challenging brief. He discovered a strong developer candidate in a competitive London market in a very short space of time. To prove that wasn’t just the luck of the Irish, Craig demonstrated that he knew his market and his candidates very well. He responded to early candidate feedback very quickly during our search; helping him to get a feel for the most important characteristics our successful candidate needed to demonstrate. We felt Craig delivered the right balance of interesting and good quality CVs without bombarding us with everything in the draw."


Head of Digital

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