cyber Monday Scrum Master

Cyber Monday Checklist

Developers aren’t at the front of our minds when thinking of adding extra staff and stock in the run-up to Christmas. At Albert Bow, we listen to our Developers and the steps they take in preparation for Cyber Monday.

Best CV Tips Scrum Master

CV Best Practices

Your own personal brand is important, creating and maintaining this is vital when applying for a new role. At the end of the day, your resume be it your CV or LinkedIn profile is what gets you the interview in the first place. Ensure that your CV and LinkedIn profile are both up to date and accurate.

Scrum Master Job Interview

Some questions to prepare before an interview

After speaking to a lot of interviewers and interviewees, the questions asked in an interview do vary but there are some standard questions that tend to come up at some stage of the interview process. Here are then question we have found pop up time after time.