Sinead Clery
Brand and Marketing Manager

My career with Albert Bow began in early 2019 when I joined the company as a recruitment consultant. However I quickly found myself drifting towards the Marketing and PR side of the business and before I knew it, my role transitioned into Brand and Marketing Manager. 

Albert Bow have given me limitless opportunities and have always been open and willing to explore which area of the company suits my skills and expertise best. Craig and Harry saw my drive for the marketing side of the business and allowed me to make the role my own. I have always prided myself on my ability to build relationships in every aspect of life especially with my customers and clients as I find it to be the most important foundation for a successful partnership. Having made this a priority in my career from early on, I would now say my interpersonal skills are my strongest attribute. This allows me to liaise and work effectively with my colleagues and clients, and in my new role will help to grow Albert Bow’s brand and recognition in the recruitment field.