Craig Trenier

Building Albert Bow with a people first mentality is the basis of everything I wanted to achieve.

Harry Davies

Having always had an entrepreneurial mindset, I knew I wanted to seize the opportunity.

David McGuigan
Head of Backend Technology

Finding someone the right role and helping them achieve their goals and potential is something I have brought from my teaching experience and it's a philosophy everyone at Albert Bow adheres to.

Sinead Clery
Brand and Marketing Manager

Albert Bow have given me limitless opportunities and have always been open and willing to explore which area of the company suits my skills and expertise best.


Chloe Fletcher
Head of Frontend and Mobile

From my time in hospitality it not only developed my interpersonal skills but also my ability to work in a fast paced environment. This has aided massively in my early recruitment career.

Jono Woodward
Head of Product and Data

Despite joining Albert bow during challenging times it has done nothing but strengthen my views that I made the right decision.

Jack Furness
Head of DevOps, Cloud Infrastructure and QA Testing

I pride my method of recruiting on building long lasting partnerships and relationships with both candidates and clients.

Chief Mood Booster

I began my career with Albert Bow basically from the day I was born. I embody Albert Bow's philosophy of valuing long lasting relationships and trying to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Chief Sleeping Officer

I began my career with Albert Bow when both my housemates began to work for the company and decided I would be an amazing fixture within the office and best friend to Bobby.