Ntinga’s First 6 Months in Recruitment

An interview with Ntinga Mpiko

Ntinga Mpiko joined Albert Bow in August 2021 after moving over to London from Dublin. He quickly became an integral part of the UK delivery team. As well as building out his desk within Albert Bow Ntinga is also part of Richmond Rugby club and plays to a semi-professional level.

Why did you join AB?

Unlike other recruitment companies, Albert Bow prides themselves on building long-lasting relationships with their clients and candidates which aligned exactly with what I was looking for and I knew that they could provide the hands-on training and experience I needed to succeed.

How have you found your first six months?

The first 6 months have definitely been challenging but fun. It has required me to constantly learn and grow not only as a recruiter but also as a person.

Coming into the role I had little to no experience in recruitment however, I now find myself recruiting across all sectors within IT.

What’s your specific role within the team?

Currently, I am a delivery consultant where I work closely with candidates and account managers to ensure our clients have the best candidates available in the market whilst making sure that the candidate has a role that they are truly happy with. 

I have now also begun working on the Business Development side of this where I have been able to bring on my first client.

What have been the highlights of your first six months?

There have been so many highlights so far however it has to be making my first few placements and qualifying for the ‘Top Billers Lunch’. Followed closely by working with my colleagues who are always ready to help if I am unsure or struggling with anything. I have also brought on my own client which has been an incredible achievement after just 6 months in the role.

What has been the biggest challenge?

There have been many challenges as so far in the role, from constantly having to learn and improve, to dealing with candidates who have decided a role is no longer for them after they have gone through the entire process. However the biggest challenge is not getting complacent after making a placement. It is easy to get comfortable but you will quickly learn that there is always another role to fill!

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give someone joining Albert Bow?

To be yourself. It is so important to bring your own personality to the role as there are plenty of recruiters out there. You want to differentiate yourself from the rest!

What has been the best piece of information/training you have been thought since you started?

The best piece of training I have received is to find out what the candidate is really looking to get out of their next role, on a professional and personal level. It is so important to truly know what your candidate is looking for based on their current situation.