Is this the end of offices?

With the rapid spread of coronavirus many companies have implemented a working from home (wfh) strategy in order to help prevent the virus spreading amongst their staff. In today’s world, we have a wide range of technologies that make it easier for us to work from the comfort of our own homes.


However with remote working comes a number of challenges for many companies, especially companies that were not ready for it. Many have been forced to offer remote working for the very first time. A question we are sure is at the top of every MD’s mind is, can we expect to see an increase in productivity, or will this create a whole new set of challenges?


Many studies that show employees who work from home are 13% more productive compared with their in-office counterparts. Working from home also shows a decrease in interruptions, useless meetings, and other time-wasting activities. This leaves the question if businesses see an increase in productivity will they begin to offer WFH on a more frequent basis and cause a change in the office life as we currently know it.


Recent trends have shown that more and more people are looking for remote working options while searching for a new job and are quickly becoming an important factor when attracting and retaining talent. Flexible working now more important than ever.


Now that many companies have embraced virtual working in order to achieve their daily tasks and connectivity, we think this will change the conventional meaning of ‘office life’. In the not so distant future, we can expect to see a shift in the amount of companies embracing WFH.