Fall in love with your job (again)

With today being a day all about Love, I thought I’d look at it a little differently. Here are a few little tips to fall in love with your current job.

Being a recruiter, we always are looking for someone to start a new position – preferably the one we are pitching to them at that time. But sometimes it can only take a few little changes to your life in order to make you fall in love with your current job again.

  1. Expand on your career growth

Attend a professional development seminar. In the working world today especially in tech many companies are offering a learning and development budget to all their employees to grow their skills professionally. This can be a great way to keep up to date with the latest tech and ultimately up skill yourself.

2. Bring your pet to work

I am a massive advocate of having pets in the office. I believe having animals incorporated into your work life can be beneficial both to your physical and mental health. Check out our previous blog one the benefits of pets in the work place. https://albertbow.com/2019/10/14/paws-for-thought-the-overall-health-benefits-of-having-dogs-in-the-office/

3. Decide what a healthy work life balance looks like to you

Maintaining a good work life balance can mean different things to everyone. Figuring out what a healthy work life balance looks like to you and enforce it. If flexi working is important to you speak to your line manager about seeing if it is possible. Same with working from home potentially one day week. Outline what a good work life balance is to you and live by it.

4. Keep your eye on the prize

We all can often lose sight of the bigger picture and our individual goals. Reassess what your goals are, be it learning new skills, career progression or even becoming a millionaire! You need to see what your goals are and focus on how you can get there.

5. Look for a new job

I mean if none of these can make you fall in love with your job again, maybe it is time to look for another. If this is the case, reach out here – hello@albertbow.com.