Women in Tech – Power of Community

Laura Wilkinson, one of our clients, and I attended a great meet up last night about the Power of Community for Women in Tech hosted by Qadre and facilitated by Like Minded Females.

It was a fantastic experience where females from different backgrounds could come together to discuss how they can become more involved in the tech community. Barbora Juhaszova, Marketing Manager at Qadre, discussed how you can find your ‘tribe’, leverage your community and then how to create your own community.

I found this very helpful as being involved in the technology industry, I have noticed it can be a very male-dominated world with between 27% and 47% of the workforce being women at major tech companies. Due to this, it’s not always easy for women to find a group of people who have similar interests and goals.  We discussed our own goals, passions and values with other members of the group which gave us a great opportunity to network, speak to likeminded people and learn about their problems.

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The panel were able to give us an insight into how you can make sure that you find the right tribe for you and not to be afraid to try out different groups until you find the right one. If you can’t find a tribe that fits, create your own!

To finish off, we had a question round with the panel who included Anna Flach (Head of Marketing at Qadre), Barbora Juhaszova (Marketing Manager at Qadre), Jen Scott (Co-founder Hustle and Heels), Kaitlin Fritz (Co-founder at Musemio), Abi Mohammed (Cyber Program Manager at Tech Nation) and Sonya Barlow (CEO and Founder of Like Minded Females).

The panel gave insight into what it is like for a woman to own and run a company and how to encourage others to get them out of their comfort zones to achieve the best that they can. They discussed how everything is a learning curve and if it doesn’t go right the first time, try again and don’t give up. This is perfect for anyone who is struggling to find their feet in the tech world.

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I would 100% recommend going to any event hosted by Like Minded Females.


Written by Chloe Fletcher