Albert Bow is 2!

It is our 2nd Birthday here at Albert Bow! We are delighted to say we have tripled in size since day one and are continuing to grow. The market for IT hires in London alone is so large that we need to keep up with the demand.

Here at Albert Bow, we are an independent recruitment agency servicing the technology industry on behalf of ethical SME employers. We aim to provide a recruitment experience so beneficial to you that you return to us time and again.

Relationships are at the heart of everything we do here at Albert Bow – building relationships with Clients, Candidate and each other is a central part of our recruitment process.


Albert Bow was set up in 2018 by Craig Trenier and Harry Davies. Both began their careers working for large recruitment corporations but they soon knew they wanted to build a recruitment company that puts quality over quantity, focusing on creating a positive experience for all parties involved.

Craig originally from Ireland plays professional rugby for Ealing and balances his time between managing a business, playing for Ealing fulltime and owning a 1-year-old puppy.

Harry originally from Wales started his recruitment career in 2016 and brought his experience from recruitment and as a rugby player for Richmond to managing the daily runnings of Albert Bow.

Both brought different attributes to starting up a company but at the heart of it all was being part of a team and everyone feeling involving. Because of this mentality, relationships make up an integral part of what we do here.


We have since hired 4 more staff: 

David who has come from a teaching background and has seen that when people are happy, it reflects in their work. Finding someone the right role and helping them achieve their goals and potential is something he has brought from my teaching experience and is his main drive in recruitment.

Sinead joined early 2019 after moving to London looking to make a career for herself. Coming for a hospitality background Sinead brought her knowledge of customer experience to the recruitment world making sure that the experience for both candidates and clients is the best it can be. She has recently taken the position as Brand and Marketing Manager at Albert Bow.

Chloe joined mid-2019, coming from a hospitality background also, it not only developed her interpersonal skills but also her ability to work in a fast-paced environment. This skill has aided massively in her early recruitment career.

Sofia joined towards the end of 2019 after moving here from Barcelona in Spain. Sofia has worked in tech recruitment 2 years and a half years and brings a new fresh energy with her.


We are delighted to say that we are continuing to expand here at Albert Bow with 3 more hires happening very soon and hopefully a few more throughout the year.