The Different Personalities at Every Christmas Party

I know it’s the first week into December and I already have Christmas in the title of a blog post. But hey, I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I  thought I’d look at all the different types of personalities you encounter at a work Christmas party.


The Crier – The one who has a sip of alcohol and the emotions hit like a train. Where you can hear them through the cubical of the bathroom sobbing.


The Gossip – The person who’s head is full of secrets and with only 2 drinks their mouth opens and everything comes out like a waterfall.


The Dad Dancer

Need I say more?


The Secret Couple – the two in the office that barely speak on a daily basis however once the party is underway these two are inseparable and tend to disappear together more than once.


The Lightweight – The one who can’t handle their drink and normally is sent home before the dinner has finished.


The Darkhorse – the one who blows everyone away and comes out of their shell.


The Party Animal – The one who is consistently ordering shots, who’s dance moves are on another level and is everyone in the rooms’ best friend. You know what you need to do – GET ON THEIR LEVEL!!