Paws for thought – The overall health benefits of having dogs in the office

There are many views on having a dog in the office, what people aren’t aware of are the health benefits that are involved.

Reduces stress

We have all been privy to focusing too much time on a project/problem, where your productivity can diminish and cause unnecessary stress. Pets can be that reminder to take a step back and pause from whatever it is. They act as a temporary distraction allowing a mental break which can reduce stress and being overworked. This ultimately leaves your staff happier in the long run and can increase productivity. A study from The International Journal of Workplace Health Management shows that dogs in the workplace can reduce stress throughout the day.

Physical health

Far too often we can become too comfortable sitting in the warmth of the office, with the only real exercise being walking back and forth to the coffee machine. Having a dog in the office can encourage staff to go for a walk, get some fresh air and be more active. It’s no news that walking is healthy and people who exercise regularly tend to be more calm, alert and happy, then people who stay inactive.

Reduces costs

Having a dog-friendly office can minimise your employee’s expenditure. If employees can bring their dog to work, they will save money by not having to pay for a dog minder or dog walker. There is a financial perk for your staff while costing you nothing.

Increases job satisfaction

Stress in the workplace is inevitable. However, studies show that dogs in the workplace can reduce stress and overall improve job satisfaction. Pets tend to create a comfortable environment, which in the workplace can help counteract any on-the-job stress.

I mean who wouldn’t want their very own CMB (Chief Mood Booster) greeting them everyday.

Meet our CMB – Bobby

Attract talent

From a recruitment point of view having a dog-friendly office can be a great way to attract industry talent. Enticing someone to come in and view the office with the added bonus of meeting the office dog. One hell of an incentive!

I mean in my opinion you would have to be ‘barking’ mad not to allow your staff to bring their dog into work.